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Modern data on the use of low- and micro-dose ed pills demonstrate their safety in relation to the development of oncology of the reproductive system. There is no definitive answer to the question about the effect of birth control pills on the risk of breast cancer.

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Most likely, after 45 years of age, the risk of breast cancer with ed pills is not higher than with other types of contraception. When taking ed pills, the incidence of endometrial cancer is reduced by 50%. The incidence of epithelial malignant ovarian tumors is reduced by at least 40% (up to 80% when taken for more than 5 years). In women with initially disturbed hormonal balance, the preventive role of ed pills is higher.

A package of tablets for a month contains 21 (24) active tablets, that is, ed pills with hormones. Some of the drugs also include placebos - "empty pills" that do not contain hormones, but are included for ease of administration. Single-phase ed pills (21 tablets) are taken from 5 to 25 or from 1 to 21 days of the cycle. Multiphase tablets must be taken from the 1st day of the cycle. Then take a break of 7 days.

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The problem with their use is the dependence on the time of admission - a delay of 3 hours already increases the risk of pregnancy. Of the modern drugs, Desogestrel (75 mcg) is recommended. It can be taken without fear, even 11-12 hours later.

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Therefore, any contraceptives for girls and women should be selected by a gynecologist who can adequately assess all contraindications and side effects of hormonal drugs. It is the doctor who must tell in detail what oral contraceptives are, how to take modern oral contraceptives, and also explain all their pros and cons. You can also find a lot of information on the Internet, as well as photos and videos on this topic.

Thus, every woman should be clearly aware that when interfering with the natural processes occurring in the body, the consequences are noted, which are manifested in different ways for everyone.

Given that the list of hormonal drugs is currently offered is very large, women need to understand what classification of these drugs is used, what contraindications and side effects they have, in order to take into account all the risks associated with their use. It is also necessary to take into account the positive aspects that such contraception provides for women.